Tuesday, July 8, 2008

2008 Los Angeles Juried Exhibition, cont'd

Well, it's almost that time where I need to get my piece "Libertad" submitted to the LA Municipal Art Gallery for the 2008 Juried Exhibition show.

I have until the 21st of July to make the handoff. So I've been looking at frames and mats to give it the right size/look. I've decided I'll go with a 24" x 18" print, and place it into a 30" x 24" frame. I lose just a little bit of the width going with that aspect ratio, but not so much that the image is sacrificed. It gives me a really nice big image size and is a more balanced aspect ratio vs. being too long & skinny. In that size frame, it will have 3.25 inches of mat all around, which should look nice.

So last weekend we went to Aaron Brothers in Marina Del Rey and grabbed two options for the frame - brown wood & black wood. While I was there, I ordered a custom mat to fit the frame (Nielsen Bainbridge acid-free 8-ply mat in Spanish White). The good news is I just got a call from them yesterday saying my mat came in, which gives me about a week to get it all mounted up.

In the meantime I've been doing a number of test prints to get the color & contrast just right - so it matches the on-screen image. It's getting closer. The lab where I get my prints done tends to run out a little darker than the onscreen image, so I've corrected it a couple times to lighten it up. I think one more notch brighter and it will be there.

Stay tuned for more info - once I make the handoff and everything is fully "official," I'll post more information about the showing and the opening reception on Aug 3.


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susanna said...

Good luck with the juried art exhibition! It's great that you are submitting your piece into the show.

I've been looking through your portfolio and I like your eye for composition. The starfish photograph brings back happy childhood memories of living by the ocean. And it's such a beautiful, dark colour, isn't it?

I'm still trying to find a good photo lab over here in NJ and NYC. I recently visited a big one that several people I talked to recommended but I was surprised how limited they were with the paper stock for digital prints. Really limited. So the search goes on... :)

Karen Cole said...

Hey there Paul,

Thanks so much for visiting and your comments. They are truly appreciated.

I was wondering how you ended up at my site and I see that Susanna was here, so I see the connection.

I love your work. The details in your sea series are wonderful, especially the starfish. So much textural stuff at the beach.

Good luck with the show!!

robin bird said...

yes good luck to you! it must be a thrilling experience to enter your work. i too love the coastal photos in your gallery and if you have spent more than 1 minute over at my blog you will know i appreciate your nature/macro shots ;) that blood red day lily is amazing!

thanks for coming to see me... and yes i do love my canon and wouldn't have anything else :) you take some beautiful photos with that nikon of yours so i wouldn't have a word of criticism :)

Robyn said...

WOW! That is such a wonderful print! Is that what you submitted?
By the way HI! *waving*