Thursday, May 15, 2008

The House On Walgrove

I was driving over to the Belding Awards yesterday (which DDB totally rocked in btw - Call of Duty 4 World Leaders, 5 belding bowls - w00t) and I saw this awesome house on Walgrove - either in Venice or Mar Vista - I don't know which. It was this beautiful dilapidated mess, crumbling blue stucco, warped window frames, and disheveled porch - complete with the added bonus of a twisty tree sans leaves in the backyard.

So classic and creepy, totally my kind of subject. Especially in the evening light with those long shadows and reddish-orangey tones - it was perfect. Little bit of a challenging shot because I know I will need to get it from across the street, and Walgrove is pretty high traffic (well, then again what street in LA isn't?). But I want all house - no cars, so I might need to shoot in speed mode, or go get it right at dawn - something. Either way, one of these days, I'll park the car, get out, and shoot it.

So if you're checking my pages, keep an eye out for the house on Walgrove. You'll know it when you see it.

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