Thursday, May 8, 2008


Used to be I had 2 main sources of inspiration: 1) things I see out in the world when I'm out shooting or just out and around - or 2) going to a museum like LACMA or MOCA or the Getty Center. But I gotta say Flickr has completely turned that dynamic on its head for me. Used to be I'd have to get in the car, drive out somewhere, park, all of that - but now I can sit and surf awesome pics from all over the world at my desk or my home office.

There is so much amazing photography on Flickr right there at a person's fingertips, it's unbelievable. And even though there is basically no security, people put up shots which could easily sell in a gallery. But what makes it so great in my opinion is that "here, take one" attitude - if you want it, feel free and snag it (albeit low res). That spirit of openness, collaboration and sharing is the lifeblood of an artistic community, and it's just so wonderful to see it alive and well in the virtual/real world.


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John Adams said...

Agreed. It seems like openness often encourages people to respect the property boundaries. Flickr and its similar brethren in video (like Youtube) are fantastic reminders that openness works.