Sunday, June 29, 2008

Quantaray 2x Teleconverter - Nikon

Does anyone know where I can get a Quantaray 2x Teleconverter for my Nikon D80?

In a few weeks the Mrs. and I are heading to Chicago to see a Cubs game, a White Sox game, and a Bears game. On a budget of course, so it’s not like we have the best seats in the stadium. But I still want to get good pics of the players if I can.

Enter Quantaray 2x Teleconverter…. You lose 2 f/stops, and possibly may get a little vignetting around the edges. But I’m OK with that. I can always crop, and besides it’s just for me – not for my website or for any art shows or anything like that.

A couple of weeks ago I found one on sale at Ritz Camera for $80. Awesome, I’ll just pull that out of the vacation fund. But then I go down there and they don’t have it. “The store in Beverly Hills has it” I’m told, but that’s like probably an hour in traffic, so I say I’ll just hold off and wait till my local store re-stocks.

So two weeks go by, and I go back in – sadly they’re still out. “Can you order one?” I ask. “Our warehouse doesn’t carry that” I’m told. So I call the Beverly Hills store – it’s Saturday AM, maybe I can beat traffic, plus I need something else over near there, so why not. But when I call, they’re out too….So now what was a great low-cost solution, is now feeling like it might be a challenge.

I know Samy’s camera has a Tamron 1.4x, but it’s less zoom and about double the price. I’ve looked on Ebay and they do have 2x converters. Problem is, they are all no-name brands I've never even heard of. I’m cool with Quantaray, but I don’t know if I want to go any lower than that.

Anybody know where I can get one?

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Designs by CK said...

Hi Paul,

Sorry to hear about your camera part quandry...hope you find a solution soon!

Popping in to wish you and your family a great 4th of July!

Chris :-)

BellaColle' said...

Hope you find the answer!
Happy 4th.
May you and your family have a safe trip.

clancy said...

Paul i have been looking myself as
i have a D100 i used my sisters on
my camera and fell in love with it.
I can't find one anywhere did you?
If so would appreciate a heads up.
my email is

Paul Sears Photography said...

@clancy - I wound up buying a Tamron brand 2x teleconverter because I had a tough time finding a Quantaray. It was a little more expensive, but has been very good so far. Check out for gear - also Amazon or