Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nikon D90

I came across an article recently in PDN about Nikon's new D90.

For quite awhile, I've been looking at the D300 as an upgrade to a 12.3 MP body. But now the D90 could be a contender. Price of course is a major difference between the two. The D300 is a pro camera, while the D90 is a consumer model at about half the price.

However one major difference (as you may have seen in the Ashton Kutcher TV spot) the D90 is the first DSLR camera to shoot 720p HD Video. Video in a DSLR...interesting. Could be a lot of fun at ball games. Certainly something to think about...

- Both the D300 and the D90 have a 12.3MP CMOS sensor.
- Both the D300 and the D90 have a 3" 920,000px color screen.
- Both feature Nikon's noise reduction up to ISO 3,200.
- Both have Nikon's D-Lighting image enhancement feature.
- Both have built-in sensor cleaning.

- The D300 is considered a pro-level camera ($1,799 MSRP).
- The D90 is a consumer model ($999 MSRP).
- The D300 has a 51-point AF system.
- The D90 uses an 11-point AF matrix.
- The D300 shoots 6 frames per second.
- The D90 shoots 4.5fps.
- The D300 is a still-photo camera only.
- The D90 is a still camera but also shoots video.

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